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Trout Feast

For several years, the "Royal Syndicat d'Initiative et de Tourisme de Bouillon" has been organising the "Festival Gastronomique de la Truite". This event is dedicated to the trout, the flagship fish of our rivers.

During the whole month of April, the restaurant owners of Bouillon and its villages invite you to savour their trout in butter, with almonds, Ardennes way or even with mushrooms. Come and satisfy your taste buds in one of the participating restaurants !

Perhaps instead of tasting the trout, you would like to fish for it ?

Then sign up for the "no kill" fly fishing competition which will take place on Saturday 29th April in Bouillon, at the "Maison du Pêcheur" (Ruelle des Bains, 5. 6830 Bouillon).

There will also be entertainment and a trout tasting.

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