Medieval Festival

Fête médiévale 2022 (VIDEO)

Fête médiévale 2022 (VIDEO)

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    The activities in town, the medieval camp and the medieval

                           markets are free of charge.

The "Medieval Pass" entrance ticket (18 € per adult/senior, 14 € per child/student, free for children under the age of 4 years old) will allow you to attend the festivities, the animations and the night show "L'Odyssée de Lumière" which will take place in the castle, to access the mini night concerts of the "Poulie", to visit the ducal museum with its medieval space, to attend the audiovisual show "On the tracks of Godefroid" and the exhibition on the arab sciences in the archéoscope.


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Hear ye, hear ye, good people !!!

During the weekend of the 13th, 14th and 15th of August, come and feast and fight at the 35th Bouillon Medieval Festival !

Medieval markets (08/13, 08/14 and 08/15)

Dozens of craftsmen will set up their stalls to let you discover the best products of the Middle Ages : hypocras, hydromel, leather objects, jewellery, medieval costumes and much more.

To offer you even more choice, the craftsmen's stalls will be spread over three sites this year : esplanade of the fortified castle, esplanade of the archéoscope and near the Cordemois bridge (Poulie bridge).

Activities in town (08/13 and 08/14)

On Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm, various medieval groups will wander through the town and liven up the streets of Bouillon.


On Saturday, a procession will start at 3.30 pm from the Cordemois bridge (Poulie bridge) to the sound of the minstrels accompanying knights, men-at-arms, vikings...

Mini-concerts are planned in the evening at the "Poulie" (13 and 14/08) and a fire show (13/08) on the esplanade of the archéoscope.

Medieval camp (08/13, 08/14 and 08/15)

As in previous years, the place called "Champs Lévêque" will be the scene of a camp worthy of the Middle Ages. Come and discover 10 centuries of history in the company of nobles, knights, craftsmen, peasants...

Castle (08/13, 08/14 and 08/15)

During the day, you can meet various medieval troops standing guard against invaders in the castle. During your visit to the castle, you may witness an unforgettable melee of fighters defending the entrance to the site.


Between the falconry shows, various musical and other entertainments are planned.