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Medieval Festival


    The activities in town, the medieval camp and the medieval markets are free of charge.

The "Medieval Pass" entrance ticket (18 € per adult/senior, 14 € per child/student, free for children under the age of 4 years old) will allow you to attend the festivities, the animations and the night show "L'Odyssée de Lumière" which will take place in the castle, to access the mini night concerts of the "Poulie", to visit the ducal museum with its medieval space and to attend the audiovisual show "On the tracks of Godefroid" in the Archeoscope.


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TEL : +32 (0)61 46.62.57

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Hear ye, hear ye, good people !!!

During the weekend of the 12th & 13th of August, come and feast and fight at the 36th Bouillon Medieval Festival !

Medieval markets

Dozens of artisans will set up their stalls to let you discover the finest products of the Middle Ages: hypocras, mead, leather goods, jewelry, medieval costumes, and much more.

To offer you even more choices, artisans' stalls will be spread across three locations this year: the castle esplanade, the Archéoscope esplanade, and near the Cordemois Bridge (Poulie Bridge).

Activities in town

On Saturday and Sunday, starting from 2:00 PM, different medieval groups will roam the town and animate the streets of Bouillon.


On Saturday, a procession will parade from 3:30 PM, starting at the Cordemois Bridge (Poulie Bridge), accompanied by minstrels accompanying knights, men-at-arms, Vikings, and more.

Mini-concerts are scheduled for the evening of Saturday, August 12th, at "La Poulie," on the Grand Rue, and on the Archéoscope Esplanade. A fire show is scheduled for Saturday evening on the Archéoscope Esplanade.

Medieval camp

As in previous years, the locations known as "Champs Lévêque" and "Ile de Calay" will host a medieval encampment worthy of the Middle Ages. Come and discover ten centuries of history in the company of nobles, knights, artisans, and peasants.

Throughout the weekend, international-level armored fighters will engage in medieval combat following the rules of the time. You will also have the chance to witness authentic equestrian jousting nearby. Captivating entertainment that will delight young and old alike!


In the castle, you can encounter various medieval troupes throughout the day, standing guard against invaders. Perhaps during your visit to the castle, you will witness an unforgettable melee of fighters defending the access to the site.

Between falconry shows, various musical performances, and other festivities are planned.

Special for children

For children, numerous special activities are planned during this medieval event. There will be interactive workshops where children can learn about medieval crafts, such as candle-making, calligraphy, or creating small paper armors.

There will be age-appropriate shows and entertainment for children, including a 200 m² combat arena, the School for Little Pages, pony rides, and much more.

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