potion dans une caveau de château
prisonnier sur la chaise
cimetière éclairé avec zombies
cimetière éclairé avec une personne

Prices and reservation

Adult ticket : 13€, Child (-12yo) ticket : 10€.

Only on reservation ! RESERVATIONS CLOSED

Have you ever dreamed to celebrate Halloween in a castle ? In Bouillon we make your dream come true. In October you will have the opportunity to visit the old fortress. In the very dark, with only a lantern, you will discover a terrifying and dreadful world.

Nothing proves that this castle is haunted but for a weekend, spirits, zombies and other devilish creatures will take control of the castle. You will need a lot of courage to escape from this horror.

Two different scenarios will be set.

One for the children (from 6 to 12 years). In small groups they will have to face danger and go over their biggest fears. But they better have to do it if they want to survive and leave with a surprise. The visits start every quarter between 18:00 and 19:30

For those who are more courageous, an even more terrifying, sanguinary visit will take place at 20:30 (from 12 years). Go along the narrow hallways of the fort, explore the dark and humid rooms while avoiding the traps of the nasty residents. All the nightmarish things you can imagine will be mixed together to make your visit in Bouillon unforgettable.

Duration : 45 minutes

Please present yourself a the entrance of the castle 15 minutes before the beginning of the visit.

Visits begin at the time scheduled.

Be aware that the visits can shock sensitive people. Thank you for your understanding.